That creep , exhaustion.

I sit here on day 27 of the school holidays enveloped in exhaustion. A consuming, greedy, parasite creeping slowly as the days go on. It hasn’t been awful. It has (mostly) been calm… ….but that is what is exhausting. I have worked so hard to make it this way…. keep it this way. My…… Continue reading That creep , exhaustion.

Tired. Tried.

Tried….Tired. Trying….Tiring. I don’t think it is a coincidence that those two words look and sound very similar. Today has been both. My girl has been trying today…. …mostly our patience. We are all tired. Holidays do that to us all. Tired because we can relax a little, or tired because we are out and…… Continue reading Tired. Tried.


There are days I stand back and look back over the last 12 years and realise how much things have changed. Days where I reflect and look back on the people who walked out of my life when I needed them the most. There are days when I miss them, then there are days where…… Continue reading Reflecting..

Full moon.

Full moon I see you in the sky, Staring down at us like a spy, Making sure my child’s awake, All night long, until daybreak, Behaviour waning all week long, Waiting for you to come along, Increasing energy to the max, No time to sit down and relax, Easy to anger, easy to cry, Increased…… Continue reading Full moon.

It’s not about me.

What a week! It has been a hard one and I am not afraid to admit that I have struggled. I have struggled…… ….imagine how hard it has been for my girl. It is all too easy for me to tell you how exhausted I feel, how stressed I feel, how I feel so low.…… Continue reading It’s not about me.


Coping. Am I? Is anyone? Why is not coping seen as a weakness? At the moment I don’t feel like I am coping, but I am. The dictionary defines coping as “to face and deal with responsibilities” and “to deal successfully with a difficult situation”. Which I do…..because I have to. It is part of…… Continue reading Coping?

Looking for a job!

Looking for a job! Must be within school hours. Must allow for lateness due to childs unpredictibility in mornings. Cannot work evenings or school holidays. Must allow frequents days off for childs hospital appointments. Must allow use of mobile phone to keep in touch with school. Must allow personal use of phone/email to organise, plan…… Continue reading Looking for a job!