Ssshhhh! Don’t move, don’t cough, don’t sneeze, don’t scratch an itch and breathe very quietly! My girl is asleep and I would like it to stay that way…. ….pretty please. 4 nights of barely any sleep and we are all absolutely exhausted….except my girl of course! She can keep going whilst the rest of us…… Continue reading Sshhh!

Schools out for summer.

I always feel so happy about the school holidays…..well, what I mean is I always want to feel happy. I imagine them to be wonderful weeks of outings and fun. What I know is different. When they begin, reality kicks in. And all I feel is fear. There is very little to take my mind…… Continue reading Schools out for summer.

So very tired.

I’m tired of always having to fight, I’m tired of being the one to put things right, I’m tired of always having to explain, I’m tired of repeating myself over again, I’m tired of teaching people who should know better, I’m tired of writing emails and letters, I’m tired of my words falling on deaf…… Continue reading So very tired.

Our Autism and sleep.

I am tired. My girl and sleep have never had the best relationship. Right from the day she arrived, sleep was never her priority. She would only ever sleep swaddled tightly in a blanket. We waitied but she didn’t sleep through the night……and still doesn’t at 12 years old. Today she started her day at…… Continue reading Our Autism and sleep.


Some days I have so much to say, I just don’t know where to start. Ideas, problems, solutions and everyday thoughts render me unable to think about one thing clearly. My mind is constantly noisy, different conversations competing to be heard. My head is too loud. The words don’t come. I wonder if this is…… Continue reading Words.

Unwell hugs.

Oh my girl, how I hate to see you unwell. How I hate to see you in pain and discomfort and not know how to soothe you. Oh my girl, how I love the cuddles when you are unwell. How I love that you feel reassured by resting your body against mine. Oh how I…… Continue reading Unwell hugs.