The dark side of Autism.

​My girl has a side of Autism that no one likes to talk about. Not even me. A dark side. Many blogs focus on the positives of Autism. The feel good factors. The milestones reached that they weren’t expecting, the achievements. The things to be proud of. But what about the dark side? It exists…… Continue reading The dark side of Autism.


My girl had a bottle of water today. She ripped off the label and laughed saying “Now you don’t know what is in there anymore”. …..but I did, I bought it. I don’t need the label. My girl has a label. Autism. She doesn’t wear that label for all to see. No one knows she…… Continue reading Labels.


​My boy is seven.  If we go out and I tell him it is dangerous to run off, he accepts it. He listens, understands and stays close by. He understands the dangers around roads and I am able to give him some independence. My girl is nine and that is something we are still working…… Continue reading Independence.


​What is the reality of life with Autism? What would I say if someone asked me that? The reality is hard to talk about. Hard because truth hurts. The truth is that it is hard. Hard to look after your own child? Harder to admit that it is difficult. The sleepless nights, the meltdowns, the…… Continue reading Reality.


​We all experience tiredness. Sometimes to the extreme. Especially if you have a child who doesn’t sleep well. My girl has never been a good sleeper. She very rarely sleeps through the night. Today she has been awake since 2am. It was her respite day today. My girl going to respite fills me with guilt,…… Continue reading Sleep.