Home to school.

My girl does not like change. She has great difficulty moving from one activity to another and dealing with change in routine. As with many children on the Autism Spectrum, moving between different stages is hard work. It needs preparation, time and patience. Big changes like starting school, moving house, going somewhere new, are all…… Continue reading Home to school.

Pokémon and Christmas!

Pokémon and Christmas? Why not? An amazing picture drawn by my girl today. Let it never be said that people with Autism lack imagination. 35 sleeps to go! My girl finds Christmas really difficult, and the sensory overload made her physically collapse and become unresponsive for a while last Christmas morning. But…..she is still a…… Continue reading Pokémon and Christmas!

Autism carer aware?

Are you Autism carer Aware? Do you have time and a hug to share? Are you willing to understand? To be there to hold a carers hand? Could you do the job they do? Lets turn the role back onto you. The days are long but rewards are great. Autism carers have special traits. Are…… Continue reading Autism carer aware?

Always a rainbow…

After what has been a really hard few days I was looking for something positive to share. Something positive about Autism. Something that would make these last few days seem worth it. I thought for a while. It is so hard to think of something positive when you are stuck in a negative frame of…… Continue reading Always a rainbow…

Does Autism get worse?

Does Autism get worse as the child gets older? I am not sure if I am asking a question, or giving the answer. I ask because my girls behaviours seem to be increasing. I answer because I can definately see the autistic traits now more than I ever could. I went through a stage of…… Continue reading Does Autism get worse?

Autism. A poem.

A s I lie U nder the table, T emper flaring I n distress, S taring people M ake it worse. A ccept, U nderstand, T hink. I’m I n S ensory M eltdown. A cceptance, education, U nderstanding. T ake time. I t is worth S o M uch. A nyone can U nderstand…… Continue reading Autism. A poem.