Those words.

“What did you do at school today my boy?” “We had to do a poster about ourselves, our family and what we like and don’t like.” “What did you put that you like?” “Lego and PS3.” “What did you put that you don’t like?” “Autism”. …….my heart broke a little bit more. ūüíĒ Just like…… Continue reading Those words.

Thanks to ‘The Group’.

Sometimes I see places and think how much fun it looks. I think how much my girl would enjoy it. How it combines so many things she loves. Then I realise that the reality is that we could never attend it. It is not a big place. It is a busy place taking up to…… Continue reading Thanks to ‘The Group’.

I wonder….

‚ÄčIf I asked my girl to tell me one thing about Autism, I wonder what she would say. I wonder if she realises that there is something different about her. I wonder if, when she does realise, it is because we emphasise the differences. I wonder if she thinks that it is us that are…… Continue reading I wonder….

Pok√©mon Go…..away!!

Do come and see my girl, She has a massive appetite, For anything that is Pok√©mon, She knows her stuff alright! She loves to play Pok√©mon Go, Always wanting to catch more, And as for combat power, She wants to increase their score. At breakfast every morning, She wants to check the app, Then puts…… Continue reading Pok√©mon Go…..away!!

Term time.

‚ÄčIs it a coincidence that I get bitten so much more often, in term time? Is it a coincidence that meltdowns happen between 3pm and bedtime, in term time? Is it a coincidence that my girl feels the need to control absolutely everything, in term time? Is it a coincidence that I hate school?! Hate…..a…… Continue reading Term time.

Do I look different?

What does Autism look like?   It has two eyes and a nose. What else can you see,   It has ten fingers and toes. Has it got any legs?   Yes, two ankles and two knees, Is it green and hairy?   No it looks like you and me. It must look a bit…… Continue reading Do I look different?