My girl has the most amazingly thick and glossy hair. It is beautiful. It is hard work! Today was haircut day. Through shouts of “Get off my hair, Stop touching me,” her spinning around on the chair and throwing the gown over her head, the hairdresser somehow managed to give it a trim! Anything hair…… Continue reading Haircut!

The storm…

When I am angry, I like to shout, It’s just the way my feelings come out. I say some things that are quite mean, I am brewing a storm; lets set the scene… My mood is foul, the skies turn black, The clouds are forming, there’s no way back, I bang and crash, my thunder’s…… Continue reading The storm…

Bottled up.

It is quite common for children with Autism to have a meltdown after school. They have spent the whole day holding in their emotions. The whole day appearing to cope in the classroom full of anxieties. Many children with Autism do not display the body language and facial expressions to show how they are feeling.…… Continue reading Bottled up.


Our long term struggle to get my girl into school on time continues. Every morning watching, waiting for her to flip that switch and be willing to get ready for school. It is a battle every single morning. No matter how prepared I am for it, it is exhausting. My girl is struggling this year.…… Continue reading Librarian.

‘The Group’.

There’s this place that we go where no one is judged, A place where our childrens behaviours are understood, A place we can go to let our children play, A place where I don’t have to watch what I say, There’s this place that we go that feels like our home, A place I can…… Continue reading ‘The Group’.

Constant need to be vigilant.

When leaving school this evening my girl started running down the path. “Stop at the corner” I shouted….. ….as 2 younger children ran past her and continued around the corner alone. My girl will be 10 next week and I still have to treat her like a toddler whilst outside. She has no road sense,…… Continue reading Constant need to be vigilant.

That child is mine.

You see that child with their hands over their ears? That child is mine. You’re laughing, but that child is facing a fear. That child is mine. You watch that child writhe around on the floor. That child is mine. You look down your nose, the child can’t take anymore, That child is mine. You…… Continue reading That child is mine.