A little rant….

​Sometimes I just need to rant…..sorry. So lets talk about being an Autism Mum. The truth. I read a facebook status about Mums on benefits….you know the ones…. So here it is. I am a stay at home mum. On benefits. I also am a qualified paediatric nurse. I went to college for 3 years…… Continue reading A little rant….

Sensory play

​Sensory play. In the water she stayed. Splashing the cold sea. Shrieking with glee. Kicking her legs. Dunking her head. Tasting the salt water. Smiling as I watched her. Sensory play. In the water she stayed. Not keen on the sand. The feel on her hands. Swimming around. Making loud sounds. Watching the movement of…… Continue reading Sensory play

A down day.

​Where did everyone go? What did I do wrong? I seem to have lost all my friends Since I became a special needs mum. Did you get fed up of listening? Was it just too hard to see? What about how I am feeling? What about me? My life has changed dramatically, I don’t have…… Continue reading A down day.


​Today when I dropped my son off at school the preschool were blowing bubbles. My girl was so excited but I ushered her through quickly to get my boy in. (We were late….). Her excited look, her stimming fingers, her bouncing on her toes, made me question the rush. Why am I rushing her to…… Continue reading Bubbles

It must be Autism.

​It must be Autism; When they are running around flapping, And you hear incessant foot tapping, When the behaviour looks out of place, And the look of disgust on everyones face. It must be Autism; When people never listen, When your head hurts because you’re so tired, And at 2am your child is still wired,…… Continue reading It must be Autism.

International Womens Day

Happy International Womens Day! A day to celebrate woman all over the world! Did you know that Autism is less likely or less diagnosed in girls? Parents of girls on the spectrum, such as myself, are helping to raise awareness about female Autism and the fact that there needs to be better recognition, acceptance and…… Continue reading International Womens Day

Mothers Day.

It is Mothers Day today, but please spare a thought, For mums who don’t receive gifts their child has bought, For mums who won’t get a card, a picture they have drawn, Or a handmade posy of flowers which they have written their name on. It is Mothers Day today, but no words will be…… Continue reading Mothers Day.