Yesterdays’ school swimming lesson!

Amazed! Proud! Today my girl swam a 20m length! Such an amazing acheivement for her. Her back stroke is amazing, she did such a good job! Very, very proud Mummy! It is really good that she can be included in all mainstream activities. Although she seems (to me) to look uncomfortable and anxious, she always…… Continue reading Yesterdays’ school swimming lesson!

My girl. A hidden disability.

She has arms, she has legs, 10 fingers, 10 toes, She can talk, she can smile, and quite often picks her nose! She can sing, she can run, She can jump down from a wall, She can play football with the boys, She can even catch a ball.                      She can seek, she can hide, She…… Continue reading My girl. A hidden disability.

‘But Doctor,’

‘But, Doctor’. My girl was growing up, life was slowly passing by, My mind, my constant worrying, wondered why she always cried, “But Doctor, what is going on, why is my girl so sad?” “Don’t worry, stop your panicking, I am sure it is nothing bad.” “Poppycock!” I thought inside, I know something is not…… Continue reading ‘But Doctor,’