It could have worked?

So first day back at school today after half term and a weeks holiday. It was supposed to be an easy morning…….because that is what school had planned. It was a good idea, but one I knew was destined to fail. ‘Go with it’ I thought, ‘it may work. It might be the incentive she…… Continue reading It could have worked?

The pain of school.

Hooray for half term!! 1 whole week of no school! 1 whole week of no school refusals! My 10 year old girl refuses school every single day. She is late for school every single day. I try and try, so hard, to get her in, but it is so, so hard. What do you imagine…… Continue reading The pain of school.

An emotional journey.

Stressed. Won’t get dressed. Restless. Won’t eat breakfast. Fearful. Shouting and tearful. Scared. Won’t let me brush her hair. Panics. Hits and kicks. Confused. Tooth brushing refused. Angry. Complaining of being hungry. Bored. Instructions ignored. Withdrawn. Agrees to put clothes on. Grumpy. Uniform feels lumpy. Frustration. Says no to medication. Rude. Shouts for food. Angry.…… Continue reading An emotional journey.

Just for one day…

The hardest thing is that I have no control. No control of The Autism. It controls me. Every bit of me. Somedays I just can’t take it anymore. Somedays I just want to hide. Sometimes I want Autism to go away. I often feel I have no life of my own. I can’t arrange a…… Continue reading Just for one day…

Groundhog day.

​Groundhog day. A situation in which a series of unwelcome or tedious events appear to be recurring in exactly the same way. Everyday. Groundhog day. The situation arises every single morning that my girl freezes and is unable to go to school. She is late. Everyday. Except it is not Groundhog day. Autism never has…… Continue reading Groundhog day.