Attack of the senses.

The senses. Our senses. Something I take for granted, I expect them to work. What if they don’t? What if they are too sensitive? What if they are not sensitive enough? What if the senses were so muddled that they couldn’t do their job properly? Imagine how hard it would be too process all those…… Continue reading Attack of the senses.

Cuddly Creations.

There is this little shop full of my girls dreams. There is this little shop full of everything my girl wants. Today we visited that little shop and my girl said it was “the best day ever”. There is a little shop in Truro called Cuddly Creations Teddy Factory. Neatly tucked away from the hustle…… Continue reading Cuddly Creations.


My girl has the most amazingly thick and glossy hair. It is beautiful. It is hard work! Today was haircut day. Through shouts of “Get off my hair, Stop touching me,” her spinning around on the chair and throwing the gown over her head, the hairdresser somehow managed to give it a trim! Anything hair…… Continue reading Haircut!