Don’t touch…

Oh, to hold your hand in mine, To make sure you’re safe all the time, Oh, to stroke your long brown hair, A gesture to show how much I care, Oh, to hug you when you cry, To wipe tears falling from your eyes, Oh, to kiss your freckled face, To hold you in my…… Continue reading Don’t touch…

Attack of the senses.

The senses. Our senses. Something I take for granted, I expect them to work. What if they don’t? What if they are too sensitive? What if they are not sensitive enough? What if the senses were so muddled that they couldn’t do their job properly? Imagine how hard it would be too process all those…… Continue reading Attack of the senses.

Autism and Body odour.

My girl has a diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). We got this before her Autism diagnosis. Sensory processing disorder is a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses Most people with Autism have sensory issues. They have difficulty processing everyday sensory information. Their…… Continue reading Autism and Body odour.

Thanks Mr Weather Man!

Just when you think sleep can’t get any worse Mr Weather Man pulls a heatwave out of his bag! ​My girl has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. This can manifest in several ways. Today it showed itself by illustrating my girls difficulty with temperature regulation. Children, and adults, with Autism often have problems with temperature…… Continue reading Thanks Mr Weather Man!

Sunny days 

Sunshine brings summer days out,  Sunshine means crowded, busy places. Sunshine brings long, light days,  Sunshine means confusion at bedtimes. Sunshine brings warmth to our skin,  Sunshine means touch and sticky suncream. Sunshine brings bright white light,  Sunshine means a sensory meltdown. Sunshine brings children out to play,  Sunshine means too much noise. Sunshine brings…… Continue reading Sunny days 

If and when.

If all you’ve got is darkness, When all you need is light, If all you’ve got is silence, When you need to put up a fight, If all your insides are screaming, When you need to say how you feel, If you don’t understand your emotions, When you can’t tell what is real, If all…… Continue reading If and when.


Just sat eating a piece of paper… you do! My girl is always eating, and not always food! She seems to crave food, crave that feeling of a mouth full. She has always been a oral sensory seeker. She has always needed the sensation that chewing provides. Like many on the Autism Specrum, she has…… Continue reading Chewing.