Tired. Tried.

Tried….Tired. Trying….Tiring. I don’t think it is a coincidence that those two words look and sound very similar. Today has been both. My girl has been trying today…. …mostly our patience. We are all tired. Holidays do that to us all. Tired because we can relax a little, or tired because we are out and…… Continue reading Tired. Tried.

Sleep….or lack of.

Sleep deprivation. A very real part of Autism. For the carers it is one of the most difficult things to handle. Everything is so much harder when you are tired. Being tired is hardwork. Being tired all the time makes everything hardwork. You never get used to it. Ever. My girl has never been a…… Continue reading Sleep….or lack of.


​Sleep. What is that again? Full moon approaching. Pain in legs. Sleep deprived grumpy mummy. My girl is crying in pain with her legs. She has been every night for 5 days now. I put it down to being back at school. She tries to fit in and join in everything at school but she…… Continue reading Sleep??


​We all experience tiredness. Sometimes to the extreme. Especially if you have a child who doesn’t sleep well. My girl has never been a good sleeper. She very rarely sleeps through the night. Today she has been awake since 2am. It was her respite day today. My girl going to respite fills me with guilt,…… Continue reading Sleep.