Autism and the other 699,999.

Did you know that there are around 700,000 people on the Autism Spectrum in the UK? That is more than 1 in 100….. ….yet I still find myself having to justify my childs differences in public. My child is 1 person with Autism. That leaves 699,999 other people, and/or their carers, having to do the…… Continue reading Autism and the other 699,999.

What a week.

Some days….weeks….are a struggle. Sometimes we spend our whole time trying. We spend all of our time thinking of, and making plans, to make things work. We spend each and every moment trying to make the world easier for our children…. It fails. When attempts at communication get ignored. When a clear sentance is spoken.…… Continue reading What a week.


I was casually chatting to the cashier today as she was scanning my shopping. She asked me what I was up to today. I told her that Monday is mostly cleaning up after the weekend. She asked if we’d had guests, I told her no, we just have children! I explained that we don’t tend…… Continue reading Invisible?

International Womens Day.

Happy International Womens Day! A day to celebrate woman all over the world! Did you know that Autism is less likely or less diagnosed in girls? Parents of girls on the spectrum, such as myself, are helping to raise awareness about female Autism and the fact that there needs to be better recognition, acceptance and…… Continue reading International Womens Day.

Autism and feelings.

People with Autism don’t have feelings? Whilst I can feel happy She feels nothing? Whilst I can feel sad She feels nothing? Whilst I can feel angry She feels nothing? Whilst I can feel content She feels nothing? Whilst I can feel excitement She feels nothing? Whilst I can feel guilt She feels nothing? When…… Continue reading Autism and feelings.

Our Autism and sleep.

I am tired. My girl and sleep have never had the best relationship. Right from the day she arrived, sleep was never her priority. She would only ever sleep swaddled tightly in a blanket. We waitied but she didn’t sleep through the night……and still doesn’t at 12 years old. Today she started her day at…… Continue reading Our Autism and sleep.