The stress.

The stress. Pulling me, pushing me. Giving in, giving up? Screwed up face, jaw clenched tight. Waiting. Always waiting. For the storm to come, for the storm to pass. Exhaustion carrying my tired body. Mental exhaustion. Mind fatigue. Tears fall inwardly, they can’t see. Stoic face. Holding it all together. Whilst crumbling, inside I’m crumbling.…… Continue reading The stress.

A visit from Fred.

A story I wrote last year aimed at children to highlight Autism. A visit from Fred. An alien called Fred had a brilliant idea, One night as he thought up a mission, I’ll go down to earth and find out about, The strange thing I’ve heard called Autism. So Fred put his socks on, he…… Continue reading A visit from Fred.


Isn’t it funny? How we work? How I work? Everyday I fight the battle of getting my girl into school. Everyday I complain about it, get cross and want to keep her home. I watch the anxiety consume her, see it slowly steal her sparkle. I countdown for holidays, wanting an easier time us both;…… Continue reading Confused.

The summer holidays are coming.

You spend all of your days, all of your nights, Making sure the children are alright, Cleaning their faces, picking up clothes, Playing their games, tickling their toes, Cooking them meals, brushing their hair, Showing them which outfit to wear, Washing the dishes, making them drink, Filling the freezer, rinsing the sink, Breaking up fights,…… Continue reading The summer holidays are coming.

Parent relationships.

Being parents is hard. Being parents of a child with additional needs is hard. To be in a relationship whilst being a carer takes a lot of patience… …patience that not all relationships have. Parenting a child with additional needs takes an awful lot of your time. As a result you don’t get to spend…… Continue reading Parent relationships.


There are days I stand back and look back over the last 12 years and realise how much things have changed. Days where I reflect and look back on the people who walked out of my life when I needed them the most. There are days when I miss them, then there are days where…… Continue reading Reflecting..

The countdown.

6 1/2 more school days and then 42 days off! I have been counting down the days until the Summer holidays, but now I find myself in a panic! What are we going to do? The positives. That’s what I am thinking about! No school means no school runs, no late arrivals, reduced stress and…… Continue reading The countdown.