A hidden disability.

Do I look different? What does Autism look like? It has two eyes and a nose. What else can you see, It has ten fingers and toes. Has it got any legs? Yes, two ankles and two knees, Is it green and hairy? No it looks like you and me. It must look a bit…… Continue reading A hidden disability.


Gnawing. Destroying. Damaging. Poisoning. Spoiling. Eroding. Wrecking. Shocking. Saddening. Consuming. Disturbing. Horrifying. Panicking. Upsetting. Worrying. Threatening. ……..Anxiety. Feeling so empty yet feeling so full of emotions. Nibbling….biting….chewing….gnawing….eating away. Constantly burrowing, crawling under your skin. There. Always there.

9 years.

9 years of sleepless nights 9 years of learning to see the world from a different perspective. 9 years of parent classes. 9 years of endless hospital appointments. 9 years of comments, pointing and staring. 9 years of very little time together. 9 years of meltdowns. 9 years of hurt, despair and helplessness. 9 years…… Continue reading 9 years.


Cycles. Everything about Autism has cycles. Behaviour is one of the most affected. Behaviours….. We have had a cycle of good behaviour, of reduced behaviours Less biting, less violence, less spitting on hands, less licking. Today it came back, just when I thought everything was better. I know better than that, I know Autism goes…… Continue reading Cycles?

Be thankful.

Whether it has been good, whether it has been bad, Sit down and reflect on the day that you’ve had, Think of the good things, the giggles, the sun, Don’t dwell on the bad things, that day has been done. Just sit in the quiet and think what you’ve got, Be grateful for everything, be…… Continue reading Be thankful.

Advice for TAs.

TAs are a valuable resource within school. Without my girls TA, she would not go to school at all. Whilst they are there to support your child throughout their school day, they quickly become a part of your family. We have a lovely TA now who I feel comfortable enough to offer ideas, share our…… Continue reading Advice for TAs.